Commute drives job applications

Commute drives job applications Schools Week reports.

In a recent survey by Schools Week it was found that 40% of teachers and school leaders said that they first considered the commute from home when looking for a new job.

London teacher's commute

London teacher’s commute

A convenient commute, especially as many teachers have children, was the primary concern for teachers. Though maintained inner London schools can offer supplements to salary both with main pay scales and upper pay scales, the survey found that schools in remote locations struggled to attract teaching and leader candidates.

One piece of advice given by Schools Week to rural schools was to add commuter advice in job descriptions under the employer section. Local knowledge about bus and train routes was seen as a way to promote a blend of city life with rural.

Keeping with the lifestyle theme, the opportunity to make a difference is attractive to teachers and leaders. We at Talented Teacher Jobs would advocate talking, in the employer description, about the values held by the school and the local authority. In addition we list OFSTED ranking information, where appropriate, and show school and local authority locations on Google Maps so that candidates can literally map and plan their route to work.

The view that moving out of the city is an early retirement move for teachers and educationalists is a little flawed, as all schools face challenges and offer career development opportunities regardless of location.

The great thing about an online advertisement is that advertisers are not limited on space, and can use rich media to communicate their messages. We would encourage schools and local authorities to share ethos, safeguarding statements, parent and governor feedback, YouTube videos of summer shows, concerts and sports days, league table exam results, talent contests and any piece of media that says what the school is like to work at; with would-be applicants.

To speak to a School Support Team member about how to communicate your employer brand please call 0330 124 2022.

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