The world’s biggest lesson…

The World’s biggest lesson; How to create a culture of globalization in UK schools.

In this special blog we take a look at globalization, and how well we are preparing our young people for future living and work. We’ve leveraged our partnership with our global learning partner Think Global, who have a thirty year history of sharing sustainable and global learning resources. We will also share with you some of the amazing things that Talented Teacher candidates do every day in schools to inspire young people to be better citizens, with a love of life-learning.

Think Global polled their National teacher readership posing several questions about global citizenship, and how well teachers and lead practitioners believed it was being taught in UK schools. The survey was completed by over 750 teachers. In additional Think Global surveyed business owners (multi-national employers), parents, students and governors to answer questions around the global economy and work opportunities and attitudes towards globalization.

The survey showed that 64% of teachers worry that young people’s horizons are not broad enough; which will disadvantage them in the global work-place and in a global economy.

Talented Teacher Jobs candidate quote:

I encourage children in developing a respect for foreign languages, boost their confidence and self-esteem, and respect for others both culturally and as individuals. I inspire my students to develop an awareness of the cultural differences and make sure they have the very best start in life.

Companies and business leaders expressed even greater levels of concern with over 90% saying that schools must actively develop young people’s ability to think globally. Three quarters of those surveyed explained that the UK risked being left behind by emerging economies.

Talented Teacher Jobs candidate quote:

There are many gifted and talented children out there. They just don’t know it yet. That’s what makes my job so rewarding. Everyday I discover a new talent and nurture this to help them be exceptional.

In a sharp drop from the Think Global 2009 poll when 58% of teachers surveyed said that the school system does prepare young people for fast change and a globalized World; just 16% agreed with that statement in the late 2015 poll. However 85% of teachers said that schools should prepare pupils for this.

Talented Teacher Jobs candidate quote:

I have worked in many different countries with students of all ages and backgrounds. I use these experiences to enhance student learning and also empathise with them to create a comfortable supportive learning environment.  Teaching is my passion which I enjoy, the sense of achievement when a student finally understands a concept is extremely rewarding!

Over 90% of students said that they want to learn about different parts of the world and how the world is changing. However they did not link this knowledge (48%) with an international work-placement benefit.

Talented Teacher Jobs candidate quotes:

I want to inspire and motivate the next generation for a better world.

In this world you need the best possible start, I want to ensure that I give every student that opportunity to be the very best that they can be.

The world’s biggest lesson; other key findings…

  • Teachers feel much less confident that their lessons help pupils to understand that we live in an interdependent world (57% current, 90% 2009.)
  • For 75% of teachers the current focus on ‘the basics’ is squeezing out opportunities to foster global capabilities in young people. Teachers resoundingly believed that education should be broader than the basics.
  • Over 40% of teachers rated global knowledge and awareness as very important, 42% rated exam results as very important. Employers value globalization even more at 79% saying that knowledge and awareness of the wider world is more important than qualifications; 68% and 63% saying A-level and subject results were also important.
  • The majority of teachers nine out of ten, said that it was important for for schools to help young people to be aware of cultures and different perspectives of people from other countries and backgrounds.

The research showed that where teachers access dedicated, subject-specific resources relating to global learning, the number of teachers confident that the school system appropriately prepares pupils doubles.

We are going to leave you with more of the amazing quotes that our teachers and lead practitioners share with us on Talented Teacher Jobs – please keep inspiring our next generation and help to make them better citizens.

Talented Teacher Jobs candidate quotes:

Through teaching languages, I get to live my passion. I love working with kids and I think there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students saying “I get it”.

I feel it is important for young minds to have positive and responsible role models who encourage and inspire them to want to know more. That is why I love teaching

My passion is to help students and teachers to reach their potential. I want to share a vision of what’s possible and for students to believe everything is possible. This is what makes me an inspiring school Principal.

I am an inspirational teacher, who pushes himself, his pupils and his peers to achieve greatness in whatever future they choose.

Huge range of experience to draw on and share with the children I love working with!

I remember from being a student, the most memorable and inspiring teachers were the ones who took the time to engage with me as an individual creative; making sure that I was expanding my knowledge of practices and artists, whilst recognising and encouraging my own talent and ideas. I have taken these key values and applied them to my own teaching methods. I not only help with their educational and personal development, but focus on their own inspirations, budding talents and ideas.

I love teaching because I want to make an impact and develop creative minds.

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