Recruitment in Today’s World – School’s Out, Social’s In

Social media – it can be the bane of the average teacher’s life, and the cause behind confiscation after confiscation of pupils’ smartphones. Yet social media can and does play a powerful part in education – it can be a critical communication aid between teacher and parent; it can serve as an innovative tool to engage, inspire and interact with pupils, and, perhaps least appreciated of all, it can discover and uncover leading talent.

If your institution is yet to consider this medium for recruiting, it could be time to reconsider your strategy. Here’s why.

Today – The Landscape of Teacher Recruitment

“We have a record number of teachers in our schools – 15,500 more than in 2010. The number of new teachers entering our classrooms outnumbers those who retire or leave, and there are more teachers returning to the profession”.

Hmm. Despite the official word above, it seems the stats very much suggest that schools are on the brink of a talent crisis. Make no mistake – Governmental policy has hit the lives of teachers hard – more pressure, plenty of change, and a job that’s forever in flux. The outcome? Well that would be…

The highest teacher leaving rate seen in a decade

Half of all teachers planning on leaving the profession in the next five years

Vacancies being up by more than a quarter while the number of qualified entrants has fallen

All of these stats look all the gloomier when we consider that pupil numbers are set to soar by three million over the coming three years. It’s clear that the average school’s approach to recruitment and retention must change, and change quickly, in response to these pressures.

Social Media – A Surprising, Shining Answer to Teacher Recruitment Woes

Businesses of all industries already know of the power of social when it comes to recruitment. Consider these statistics…

92% of companies are using social media for recruitment

The use of social media for recruitment has grown 54% in the past 5 years

80% of job hunters routinely use social platforms as part of their search

The writing is on the whiteboard – if companies are embracing social for recruitment, why aren’t schools? It’s a relevant question, especially since social media offers so much, as compared to the traditional teacher jobs board – like:

  • The ability to convey your school identity – communicating your vision in engaging adverts.
  • The chance to highlight your successes, and illustrating why your school is an exceptional place to work – through imagery, the pupil/student/parent interactions on your page, teacher Q and As and teacher case studies.
  • The ability to show your school and its staff as thought leaders – by driving would-be teachers directly to your social profiles, where your content speaks for itself.

Yet there’s something else that makes social not only advisable for teacher recruitment, but critical, and that’s the ability to target the next generation of teachers – Millennials. A staggering 73% of Millennials found their last positon through social media. And despite teacher graduates increasing from 25,753 in 2014 to 27,769 in 2015, these figures represent a significant fall in real terms, owing to the increasing numbers of pupils. In short, schools are going to have work a whole lot harder to secure these up and coming millennials, making social media a non-negotiable.

The world of technology has changed. So have teachers. Talented Teacher Jobs connects promising candidates, with attractive teaching positions. We understand the power of social reach when it comes to discovering your next A grade teacher. If you’ve been taking the traditional route, perhaps it’s time to drag your recruitment into the alluring 21st century – perhaps it was time that we talked.

Talented Teacher Jobs: The leading social recruitment solution for schools to connect and employ teachers, leaders and education professionals.


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