What’s the next generation’s view on Brexit?

We recently asked our Twitter followers… “What’s your students view on ? What do the next generation that will be impacted, think?” and the results were clear.










Out of 2,486 votes, almost 50% voted for ‘an absolute disaster’. Now, it has to be said, that Twitter polls aren’t always 100% accurate and they can be biased, due to the fact that it’s teachers that answered this poll. But, it does give us an indication of people’s thinking and does ask the question… how will Brexit affect education recruitment?

Data from the National College for Teaching and Leadership shows that 4,795 QTS awards were made to qualified teachers from European Economic Area (EEA) countries in 2015-16 (a 10 per cent increase on 2014-15), and 2,031 to teachers outside the EEA – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US (a 27 per cent increase from 2014-15).

The numbers are rising, likely as a result of the DfE missing its own recruitment targets over recent years. The migration advisory committee has proposed a common vias system for all skilled workers post-Brexit, with a salary threshold of £30K. This will likely make it easier to recruit from outside the EU, but harder from EU countries, as the salary threshold is higher.

These are just our thoughts, based on data and trends that we have seen, but please do let us know your thoughts either in the comments on on Twitter.

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