How to Stand Out When You Are Interviewing for a Teaching Position

If you have just finished your teaching certification program and are applying for jobs, you should start preparing for the interviews you will have to do in order to get that teaching position you desire.


In order to prepare, you should find out what kind of questions you will be asked and what answers are relevant, including what they might be looking for in this day and age. Here are some teacher interview tips that will have you ready to step into the classroom:


Figure out your philosophy


Administrators will be looking for teachers that have their own personal thoughts and opinions when it comes to academic topics. You should have your own ideas of how a student’s day should be like; how it’s structured, how to manage them, and how to prevent issues in the classroom. Every teacher needs to think about these things and discuss them with their administrators in order to show effective classroom management outcomes.


Be conscious of your body language


Try to stay calm, level-headed and organized during your interview, as acting otherwise could cost you the job. You want to show that you have confidence in your ability to command a classroom. Dress well in order to exhibit professionalism and cleanliness. Be organized, but also relaxed when you speak. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but you want to be sure to answer with clarity and calmness. Although you want to be personable, keep it professional, too.


Be ready with a teaching portfolio


Besides making sure that your resume is at its best, you will want to collect and bring all your achievements, degrees, awards, certificates and anything else that might be able to show cast your abilities. Bringing these to your interview will provide proof of your abilities while showing the administration heads that you are certified and qualified with experience for the position you are applying for.


Sell yourself


They will inevitably ask you to talk about yourself; this may cause confusion and might cause you to stutter, but this is why you’re going to come prepared. You should prepare your answer to this specific question ahead of time. Make sure you stay true to yourself while also selling your best traits that will specifically be helpful for the job description.


You also want to prepare for the harder questions ahead of time. Think about how you will answer the questions they might ask you. They might ask how you would respond to specific scenarios in the classroom or what techniques you have for specific behavior. This is when you can show that you’re the right one for this job.


Prepare your own questions

At the end of the interview, they might as if you have any questions of your own. Although, most people will say no and that will be the end of it, but preparing your own questions might impress them and show genuine interest in the school, their goals, and the position itself. Ask questions that will express more interest or that show you want to be there.


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