10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Teacher

The job of a teacher is one that is often underappreciated. However, teachers play crucial roles in shaping our society for the future. Therefore, if you’re planning to become a teacher but you’re not certain that it’s the right decision, here are ten reasons that could change your mind:


  1. You never know what to expect

Although a teacher’s job may sound monotonous, the reality is that every day is different. You will have to engage with your students to help them learn, all the while teaching them how to be smart, not only intellectually, but emotionally as well. Therefore, you have to continually improve yourself and your approach so that you can have a more effective teaching strategy.


  1. You’ll get to learn as you teach

The only way you will be able to teach effectively is to know how to learn effectively, which means that the job of a teacher requires just as much learning as it does teaching. You need to study the content material, students’ personalities, and teaching styles that will suit the learning objectives and learners’ preferences. You have to be vigilant about sharpening your own mind so that you can pass it down to the next generation.


  1. You can see the results of your hard work

Teaching is a job that has observable results, unlike many other positions. If your teaching style is effective, you will see the performance of your students increase, regardless of how quickly or slowly they learn. In some lines of work, the hard work you put in may never yield any tangible results in terms of progress, but that is not the nature of a teacher’s job.


  1. You’re given the power to change the world

Teachers have more power in their hands than many people think. They have the power to shape young minds and raise awareness to more pressing matters such as the environment, critical thinking, and society. Regardless of the subject you teach, there are always ways for you to tie your course materials to these life lessons, which are arguably more important than the knowledge itself.


  1. You can enjoy shorter work hours

School hours are usually shorter hours than typical work days, ranging around 5 to 6 hours depending on the school. You will only have to be at work for only half a day, meaning that you will have more time to yourself than you would when working many other jobs in the world.


  1. You’re given more holidays

Remember the great time you had as a kid during the summer time? That is something you can definitely have if you work as a teacher because your work will revolve around school semesters. You will also get a break during semester breaks, which is something that no other job can offer.


  1. You’ll have job security

Teachers are always in high demand, so you can be sure that as long as you keep delivering results at work, you will have a secure position for you at the school for years to come. You won’t ever have to be worried about losing your job because the company you work for goes out of business, especially if you work at a state school.


  1. You can enjoy genuine social interaction

Being in a school means that you will get a chance to interact with many people during the day, including your fellow teachers, administrative staff, and of course, students themselves. If you’re the type of person who enjoys social interaction, being a teacher is one of the best experiences you can have.


  1. You’re given all the privacy you need

Everybody needs some privacy from time to time, which is something you are afforded as a teacher. You will often have your own office that others can’t enter without permission, giving you all the privacy and independence you need.


  1. You’ll create a permanent impact on your students

Lastly, the job of a teacher has a long-lasting impact on the students’ lives. You will create an impression that will be with your pupils for the rest of their lives, which means that you are leaving something behind for the world. When you go into business, you are working in a cycle in which there is no end and everybody is expendable. If you can make a student love and appreciate you for your dedication to help them grow, that student will remember you forever and they will pass the lesson on to their children, so on and so forth.


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