Career Options in Education

When you work in the education industry, it can be hard to find places to teach. Perhaps you want to work with younger children, or maybe you want to work in higher education. Either way, it’s crucial to know what you can do with your degree and whether or not you even need one.


There are plenty of roles in education and related areas if you are not interested in working in a school. Here are some of the options you might have:



If you are looking to teach in a school, you will have to decide on whether you want to teach in the primary or secondary section, as there are separate postgraduate courses for each option. Once you’ve qualified for one, it is not easy to switch to another course. This is why it’s crucial that you make your decision wisely.


Special needs

If you want to work at a special school that caters to children with disabilities, you will be working with kids who have been excluded or just can’t be educated in other general schools for specific reasons such as behavioural problems or mental disabilities. Specialising in this field may also open opportunities for working in young offenders institutions or hospitals.


Independent schools

Other options might include private or independent schools that employ teachers as a charitable trust. Independent schools are not required to employ qualified teachers, so it is possible for one to teach at this type of institution without a degree or any other type of qualification at all. In practice, independent schools will usually want the same level of qualification that is required for state schools. Working at a state school means that you may be employed under the local authority or another organization, whereas community schools are run by local authorities. Academies and free schools are typically funded directly by the central government, meaning that they have more control over pay, conditions, and the curriculum. This means that what you teach and what you earn will be dependent on what type of school you choose to work in.



If you are hoping to prove your skills in the classroom in order to eventually become a leading practitioner, it’s important to know that this role might involve leading any improvement of teaching skills and showing support to your fellow teachers while also carrying on with your own classes. There is plenty of opportunities to grow in the education industry and to progress to roles that involve more management. Other career opportunities might call for experience working in areas such as an exam board, local authority, or private tuition.



There are plenty of jobs available for those who are non-graduates looking to work in education. This can also be roles outside of the classroom such as childcare. Here are some ideas for non-graduates interested in the education field:


Teaching assistant

If you want to work with young people but aren’t looking to become a teacher, the job of a teaching assistant might be right down your alley. You can help by providing additional support to those with special educational needs or even progress to a higher level of a teaching assistant.



There are plenty of different jobs that involve watching over young children such as nannying, nursery nursing, or even managing a nursery.



Playworkers will be responsible for supervising children’s play in hospitals, leisure centres, and a variety of other settings that allow children to engage in play schemes.


Youth work

These workers will typically be based in venues such as youth clubs or community centres. They will be responsible for organizing activities for young people while providing support during these activities. Taking an apprenticeship route or studying for an approved degree to become a professional youth worker may qualify you for this are of employment.


Club supervisor

There are many clubs available that might need assistance and many non-graduates can qualify for them. These facilities will provide childcare outside of school hours.


Admin and Management

If you are looking for a managerial or administrative role in education, you might not want to be directly involved with teaching or caring, and there are plenty of jobs available for you. There are so many settings such as schools, childcare, and colleges for this type of job. Qualifications may be required, especially if you are planning to work in accounting or any other entry-level roles. You will have to do some research on the specific type of administration or management work you are looking to do to see what will be required of you.


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