Things to include in a personal statement when applying for a teaching job

If you are looking for a teaching job, it is crucial to write an outstanding personal statement. This is your opportunity to tell your prospective employer who you are. You need to show them that you are a strong candidate for the position.


For this reason, it’s important to write a statement that isn’t too generic. If nothing stands out, you may not be seen as the best person for the job.


Keep in mind that it is unacceptable to use one statement for multiple teaching jobs. It is highly recommended that you tailor an application for each position. The appropriate length of your application should not exceed two pages of A4 paper.


No employers will spend more than 3 minutes reading your personal statement. Keep it concise and get to point quickly. You can land yourself a teaching job by submitting an excellent personal statement.


Not sure where to start? Here are a few things to include:


Your strong points for the role


If you are applying for an English teacher position, make sure that you state your strengths in relation to that specific role. Perhaps you can say that you have prior experience in teaching English as a second language.


It is important to persuade your prospective employer that you are the perfect candidate. The more specific examples you give, the more chances you have to be offered the job.


Reasons why you are interested in the position


This part can be a bit tricky. One thing to remember is you should never make money your reason. We all know that people work for money. However, it is not considered a good enough reason for someone else to hire you.


Explain what you want to do if you get the job. Whether your passion is delivering knowledge to kids or helping them develop the necessary skills in life, you need to show the employer that you can passionate about teaching children to become good members of society.


Your teaching experience


Whether you are a professional teacher or a freelance tutor, it is essential to put your past experience in the personal statement. This allows the employer to see that you are prepared and ready to work with them. Every employer wants to hire someone who has been in the field of work. You should be specific on what subject have you taught. Including your teaching strategies and achievements is also helpful. If there are distinctive features in your experience, do not forget to state those as well. The features may include multi-ethnic classroom, mentally disabled students, or volunteer teaching.


Your vision and beliefs about education


If you have your passion and goal, this is your opportunity to see whether the employer has the same vision as you do. Even if you get the job, it will be difficult and uncomfortable to work in an organization that is moving in a different direction. You need to write down your vision and beliefs. Tell them how you want the education system to change and how you wish to do it. It is encouraged to mention your teaching styles and strategies in the personal statement.


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