Stay Sane as a Teacher with a Good Work-Life Balance

Every educator heads into their first few years of working with the intent of touching hearts, educating minds, and changing lives. Unfortunately, they will soon meet challenges that may prevent them from achieving their goals. From unruly students who never listen to budget limitations on teaching materials, there are various hurdles that teachers have to deal with during their careers. However, there’s no bigger challenge than being able to balance work and life.

An inconvenient truth

The majority of dedicated teachers looking to make a difference in their students’ lives often find that the process can lead to an imbalance between work and life. The disproportion can be attributed to the fact that many teachers treat their pupils as their own children. The teaching and caring then goes well beyond work hours. 

The difficulties of teaching and their impact on a teacher’s work-life balance

Aside from taking on additional children, teachers also face difficulty in balancing their professional and personal lives simply because the profession itself can be extremely stressful. The pressure can be attributed to two factors, namely: an overwhelming amount of responsibilities, and the unrealistic expectation that every teacher is willing to dedicate their whole life to the profession. Over time, teaching can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing because many teachers exchange their personal lives for more dedication. 

As teachers go deeper into their tenure as education professionals, it becomes more apparent that work latches onto them wherever they go as they leave the school premises. Educators go through various responsibilities that have to be taken care of seven times a week over the fear that they may not be doing enough to change student lives for the better. The responsibility of guiding students on the right path can be overwhelming, which is why a work-life imbalance is a reality that teachers often face. 

Tips to keep a work-life balance (and save your sanity in the process!)

Not all hope for a healthy life outside school is lost. It is very much possible to have a work-life balance as a teacher with the right practices and knowledge. To ensure that you can juggle being in a classroom and changing lives for the better while enjoying a more-than-satisfactory personal life, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Learn how to make time for yourself

If teachers don’t enjoy the process of educating young minds, their dissatisfaction is often obvious in their teaching style. When you take time to keep your physical and mental health up to spec with various activities (such as eating well, exercising, and having a social life) it becomes much easier to teach and care for your students without sacrificing your own health. 

  1. Prevent burnout with a regular hobby you can do twice a week

Maintaining a hobby or two that you can enjoy a few days during the week makes it much easier to avoid burnout and put work out of your mind for a while. Although it may seem like you’re slacking by skipping out of school come the end of the day, the truth is that keeping yourself engaged will make you a more effective person and educator. 

  1. Stay realistic but keep going for your goals

A healthy work-life balance is given up most of the time because of the simple fact that most teachers are disgruntled with results that make them feel like they’re not doing their job well. Being realistic is the best trait to have as a teacher because it helps to remember that although not every day will be great, you should still keep your head up because better days are coming.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance outside of school used to be unheard of, but more teachers have been revolutionizing their lives and personal time with simple, yet effective practices. Once the need for a healthy work-life balance is recognized and acted upon properly, it will become much easier to live outside of school while still being able to achieve goals within your classroom’s walls. 

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