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10 Festive Christmas-Inspired Lessons for Students – Our Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and you can tell how excited kids are to meet Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Before everyone leaves for Christmas break, however, there are still a few more days of study and work to go through.

It might feel like a drag because many students are now losing their focus in class because they’re thinking about what they will do during the holidays. Instead of worrying, challenge yourself to incorporate the Christmas spirit into classroom activities. Treat it as an opportunity to keep children focused inside the classroom while still teaching them valuable lessons at the same time.

To give you an idea of several creative lessons to do before Christmas, we listed below ten festive Christmas inspired experiences you can do with kids.

1. 12 days of Christmas picture problems

Prepare math picture problems with Christmas themes, such as solving fractions through Christmas pies. You can also give a math equation based on how long the three kings travelled and how many miles they walked.

2. Make Christmas cards or ornaments

Christmas is the perfect opportunity for arts and crafts to entice the creative juices of the young ones. Let them create Christmas cards or design the room using different ornaments, such as mistletoe and little trinkets.

3. Math and science projects with Christmas inspired presentations

You can assign science or math projects where you let students design their presentations with a Christmas theme. This allows them to explore their creativity further as they attempt to create a presentation that’s as interesting as possible.

4. Theatrical Christmas advertisements

Give the students a role-playing project where their creativity will be put to the test. They can reenact a classic Christmas story, or they can even make their own and incorporate it when creating a simple marketing advertisement.

5. Christmas story writing

There are endless possibilities for a Christmas-inspired story writing. They can focus on folk or fairy tell writing with elves as characters, or they can choose science fiction characters for a little twist!

6. Science project with a snow globe

Do you know how snow works? Perhaps your students are pondering the same question! Intertwine curiosity with creativity by assigning a project where they can explain the winter season by making a snow globe of their own.

7. Creating a book report on Christmas classics

Reading will be easy if your students’ interests collide with their assignments. The holiday season is the perfect time to assign a book report of Christmas classics such A Christmas Carol. As they prepare their reports, they’ll get a chance to learn from reading, instead of just distracting themselves with video games.

8. Holiday musical production

Do you have students who are gifted in song-writing or music producing? The best way for them to enhance their talents or skills is by assigning them to create a simple Christmas jingle. You can even make this a group project and let students perform in front of the class. As a result, this helps them to develop their self-esteem and teamwork at the same time.

9. Christmas fabric design

With a few Christmas colours such as red and green, give a simple sewing project for the students to try. Let them experience creating patterns such as snowflakes, advent wreath, or even peppermints, and ribbons. This will undoubtedly require them to focus on their tasks instead of running around the classroom.

10. Holiday bake-off

If you want to try a new homeroom activity, you can also make a bake-off event. In the event, students can bake at home with their parents and sell their goods at school. This is a fantastic way to teach young ones the value of money by starting them off with a little taste of business (and Christmas treats!).

With all the excitement brought about by holiday tunes and candy canes, you might fear that the attention of students inside the classroom may start to dwindle. Instead, you can take this golden opportunity to make your lessons more fun and exciting by assigning projects related to the holiday season, such as the ones given in this article.

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