Talented Teacher Jobs is a leading School and Local Authority recruitment site for teachers, leaders and education professionals.

Our years of understanding how to reach teachers means that we know how to get the response you need when advertising. With school budgets even more squeezed, schools are frustrated about the rising costs of recruitment. This linked with a decline of suitable candidates and choice in the market place are making it harder and more expensive for schools to recruit. We don’t believe in asking schools to sign up for expensive subscriptions or spend £1000s on single adverts placements.

We don’t wait for teachers to find your job, we find teachers for the job!

Our solution is to help Schools and Local Authorities by targeting teachers through technology to gain applications. By having 1000s of UK school and Local Authority job adverts in one place talented candidates can find and apply for all relevant school jobs. Only pay and upgrade adverts when you need those extra applications for harder to fill roles.This means that your school will fill vacancies with quality candidates in a cost-effective way.

We are passionate about inspirational teaching and leadership.

Our focus on value for teacher and leader placement has shaped our brand values. We want to support schools by making recruitment advertising as cost-effective and as easy as possible.

To download a copy of our brochure please click on this link: view our latest brochure.

Accordingly we are able to promise schools the following:

  1. Job listings starting at £199 which will help your vacancy target the widest audience of talented teachers, leaders and education professionals with all information needed to drive applications.
  2. We do all of the hard work for you by posting the job, and a basic listing for your School, or Local Authority and by tracking response via our site. Meaning that you can easily activate your employer account and start managing response yourself if you wish.
  3. We use technology,multiple platforms and social media to target teachers to apply for your roles.
  4. Because we are competitively priced if you need your role to stand out, we put you back in control of your budget meaning that you can reallocate your recruitment savings where they are most needed.
  5. However, we know some roles are harder to fill. You’ll be glad to know our School Support Team are here to advise you about enhancing your recruitment campaign to attract the most talented teachers, school leaders or education professionals.


What’s different about the Talented Teacher Jobs website

Our wealth of recruitment, education and publishing knowledge has been used to create a great user experience for teacher and school leader candidates. Here is a summary of what is unique to the Talented Teacher Jobs candidate experience:


  • Location mapping – our technology means candidates can easily find jobs in the region they want in one click.
  • Social sign in – our candidates can register on our site with their social CVs which might be on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook;
  • Easy apply on any device –  no matter what device a candidate is using: mobile, tablet or desktop computer they can job hunt and apply for jobs on the Talented Teacher Jobs website;
  • DBS checks – we ask all of our candidates to answer whether they have a non-expired DBS certificate;
  • Inspired and talented – we ask all of our candidates to tell us how their teaching or leadership is inspired.


Our highly experienced School Support Team, are here to advise and help you from start to finish of your campaign, so you receive the views and applications needed. We’ve made sure that our job listings capture crucial information that impacts the quality of response for you; information that we know candidates search on when job hunting.Here are just a few features:


  • Location mapping of your School or Local Authority address with Google maps. The exact location of a job is a deciding factor for many candidates;
  • School Ofsted ranking is listed in jobs where appropriate;
  • School type including size, denomination (where relevant), age range of pupils, gender of pupils, Safeguarding statements and much, much more. All of the detail that school recruiters have told us matters to them;
  • Applicant tracking and statistics – you can access in real-time to see the performance and response of your adverts.
  • School profile pages & candidate talent pools – Schools and Local Authorities are able to provide information on all the benefits and reasons why a prospective candidate should work at their educational establishment so they are fully informed. Candidates can upload their details so you can build a recruitment bank of talented teachers and leaders.
  • Recruitment forms, links and school logos – Even our most basic advertising package (worth £199) enables you to share your School or Local Authority attachments. And most importantly to comply with School and Local Authority recruitment Safeguards.


To start your recruitment campaign, please use the form below to contact our Schools Support Team.