Talented Teacher Jobs is a leading recruitment solution for schools to connect and employ teachers, leaders and education professionals.

We understand that the way teachers use technology and look for information has changed dramatically over the past few years.

It is remarkable that over 67% of the UK population now make daily use of social media.

This focus means that 79% of  your potential job candidates will use social media to find job information and opportunities.  The fact is that using the search facilities available now allows  a far wider access to job opportunities than any other job board currently available.

Are you sure that you are effectively engaging and connecting with this vast pool of potential candidates ?

We can help here. Our expertise and advanced technology can identify exactly the right candidates for the job in the right locations.  You know how challenging it is to keep to your recruitment budgets. But what if we can actually reduce your costs and make your search for the right candidate more effective ?


We don’t wait for teachers to find your job, we find teachers for the job!

Traditional job boards rely on candidates coming to their website. That pool is dwindling. Are you aware that only between 10-15% of teachers are actively looking for new jobs. This makes for fierce competition  to attract the right candidates and you can end up with being forced in inappropriate selections.

We find and focus on the 85% of teachers that aren’t actively seeking new posts and engage with them to notice exciting new opportunities. This means that you can  receive the right quality and quantity of job applications.

We are passionate about connecting talented teachers and leaders to new opportunities.

Our focus on placing talented teachers and leaders in schools to help raise attainment levels has shaped our brand values. We want to support schools by making recruitment advertising as cost-effective and successful as possible.

Accordingly, we are able to promise schools the following:

  • Advertising campaigns start at £299 which will help your vacancy target the right audience of talented teachers, leaders and education professionals with all information needed to drive applications.
  • We do all of the hard work for you by posting the job and by giving you all the information that you need  to show how successful your advert was.
  • We use social media technology and multiple platforms to target teachers to apply for your roles.
  • Because we are competitively priced,  you only pay when you need help rather than paying for expensive online advertising or signing up to long term subscriptions. We put you back in control of your budget meaning that you can reallocate your recruitment savings where they are most needed.
  • We understand that you may not be experts in how to use technology and social media to your advantage. You’ll be glad to know that our School Support Team,are here to advise you on how to ensure that your recruitment campaign will attract the teachers, school leaders or education professionals needed.

To download a copy of our brochure please click on this linkview our latest brochure.

What’s different about the Talented Teacher Jobs website for jobs seekers?

Our wealth of experience in education recruitment using social digital technology has been used to create a great user experience for candidates. We make it as easy as possible for candidates to find and share your job information.  The application process is easy. and respects the fact  that the applicants are busy people and that you need accurate information quickly. Here is a summary of what is unique to the Talented Teacher Jobs candidate experience:

  • Location mapping – our technology means candidates can easily find jobs in the region they want in one click.
  • Social sign in – our candidates can register on our site with their social CVs which might be on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook;
  • Easy job application on any device –  no matter what device a candidate is using: mobile, tablet or desktop computer they can job hunt and apply for jobs on the Talented Teacher Jobs website;
  • DBS checks – we ask all of our candidates to answer whether they have a non-expired DBS certificate;
  • Teacher community – we have 1000s of teachers who have created profiles and are now part of our community. This helps them share and recommend opportunities to each other
  • Keeping up with technology – this is a fast changing world and one that you might not have time to get to grips with. We will ensure on your behalf that we exploit new technology opportunities as they emerge.

How we reach, attract and engage with teachers for your school.

Our highly experienced School Support Team, are here to advise and help you from the start to the finish of your campaign, so that you reach the right candidates and applications needed. We have made sure that our campaigns reach and attract the highest quality of candidates and captures the crucial information that you need; Our campaigns reach these candidates in the following ways:

  • Social Media –adverts are created in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram reaching 1.8m potential teachers in the UK daily. This ensures that your job opportunities are seen, shared and clicked on by teachers even if they aren’t actively looking for a new role thus promoting discussion and stimulating interest
  • Google AdWords –campaigns are created to ensure that when a teacher searches using Google your advert appears at the top of the listings making your advert stand out.
  • Remarketing campaign –this is designed to ensure that your role gets noticed! The role will appear on most of the leading UK websites where teachers are shopping, browsing or researching;
  • Talented Teacher Jobs– Attracts 1000s of jobseekers daily and your job is matched to the registered database of teachers, by subject so they apply.
  • Advertised on over 30 partner jobs websites – Your job will appear on the main and most relevant job sites where teachers are searching meaning your advert gets seen by a combined audience of over 4 million weekly job seekers.
  • Advert management, optimisation and detailed analytics report – When your campaign ends we will demonstrate just how effective it has been by providing you with full statistics We will send this to you so you can share data with your SLT or colleagues showing the value of the service.  We offer total transparency!

Please use this form to contact our Support Team. We are here to help.