Candidate FAQ; all you need to know about applying for school jobs on the Talented Teacher Jobs site.

What’s the best way to search for jobs?

Searching for jobs on the Talented Teacher Jobs site is very simple. As well as noting your location when you visit the site, you can set precise locations in your job search criteria. If there is a specific town, postcode or area that you want to work in the site will match to all live vacancies in that location. And whatever keywords you put in the search box will match to all of the data that we have in the job listing. We list as much data as possible from school type, to salary including allowances, Ofsted ranking, school size, specialism including subject and year, career stage and much, much more.

Can I save my job searches?

Yes you can, we create a Candidate Dashboard for you when you register, after you have searched for a job you can name and save your job search.

Can I set up a job alert?

Yes, you can set up Job Alerts specifying the location that you want to work in, school type, specialism and job title. You can name the Job Alerts also. Every day that a job is advertised that matches your Job alert criteria we will send you a simple text email with the matching job details in it.

Why is my location noted when I visit the site?

We know that location is a very important factor in job searching, that’s why we note your location when you visit the site. You can default to your own location when specify job search locations or choose to change location information in your job search. All of our job and employer locations are mapped on a Google map, and we also show the full address.

Why do I have to register before I can apply for jobs?

We want to make sure that school employers and candidates can track jobs. Because you are registered before you apply for any jobs we can tell our recruiters that you have applied. Your applications also get tracked in your Candidate Dashboard. Registration is very simple you can register with a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or you can register with just your name, an email address and a password.

Why can’t I log in?

If you can’t log in it may be because you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password from your My Account page.

How do I reset my password?

You will see a Password reset link beneath the Email address field in the login or My Account page.

How do I upload my CV?

You can upload a CV in any format (Word Document or pdf) and from any device including mobiles and tablets on the Talented Teacher websites. Which means that as long as you have saved a CV you can apply for jobs no matter where you are. You can also name your CV in your Candidate Dashboard, in case you have more than one CV.

Why do you ask about DBS checks?

Many school and Local Authority employers like to check if candidates have valid DBS certificates before they will short-list them for interview. We want to make sure that our candidates are given the best chance to be short-listed for interview. You can either tell us the county that the certificate was issued by, or what the certificate number is.

How do I describe how I am inspiring?

You can tell us about what you do in your day-to-day job that helps children to be inspired to learn or make the world a better place. Perhaps you encouraged pupils to save water or electricity. Maybe one of your gifted and talented cohorts helped another class member to read, or work out decimal fractions – we’ll leave it to you, you’re the talented teachers and leaders.

How can I apply with a cover letter?

As every school or Local Authority has unique requirements the best way to apply with a cover letter is via email (if this is requested) as part of the application process. Be sure to highlight why you are a good fit with the job and school or employer description.

How do I apply for jobs?

You can apply for jobs on our site with your stored CV or with one that you upload, you can apply via a website or email link in a job advert. In all cases you need to have registered as a candidate and be logged in. This ensures that we can track your application and make sure when we speak to our advertisers that they did receive your application.

How can I track my job applications?

You can see what jobs you have applied for in your Candidate Dashboard. Also so schools will send confirmation emails to you, after you have applied for a job with them.