Employer FAQ – from how to post a job, to managing response and applicants.

We hope to answer all of your employer FAQ about advertising your UK school or local authority teacher and leader jobs with us here.

Don’t forget that you can always contact us with your vacancy or recruitment queries, we are happy to help.

How do I Post a Job?

Before you can post vacancies on to Talented Teacher Jobs you need to register with us as an employer. We have created a simple but comprehensive online form that you can fill in, or that we can fill in for you which contains all of the job details. The fields or data sets in the form are all searchable by teacher and leader job seekers, which means that you don’t have to worry about how to list the information.

How do I register as an employer?

To register with Talented Teacher Jobs all that we will require of you is your name, email address and a password. If we have some of your vacancies listed on our site it means that we have already created an account for you, and that we would like you to activate it. Please contact our School Support Team on 0330 124 2022 or via help@ttjobs.co.uk to access and activate your account.

I can’t login why is that?

The most common reason why people can’t log in is because they have forgotten their password, you can reset your password by using the link beneath your Email field when logging in. Also please make sure that you are using the right email address for your employer account, especially if you also use our site as a candidate.

How do I reset your password?

Please visit My Account and click on the ‘Reset password’ link beneath the Email field.

Why do you ask for school or local authority address?

All research into how jobseekers search for jobs points to the importance of the vacancy location, this is regardless of sector and whether or not candidates are looking in newspapers or online. But you know as a teacher or a leader potential employer that location is of critical importance to teachers as, in many cases, teachers have children and want a manageable commute. When we look at inner city schools and London there are additional allowances that also apply to the location of the job which are linked to the cost of living, and so again location and the commute are decision factors for teachers and leaders. That’s why we use Google Maps to specifically pin point jobs, also including town and post code. This means that a teacher can do a job search including location using a town or a post code in Google and arrive on the precise job or jobs that match the search criteria on the Talented Teacher Jobs website, which means that we send you better qualified matches.

How can I check how my job listing is doing?

We provide statistics on your vacancy listing including views, applications and applicant details.  You can see all of these statistics when you log into your account and go to ‘Manage Jobs’. Please contact our Schools Support Team for more information, or help with this.

Why do you ask for school type?

We understand that committed and experienced teachers give a lot of thought to the type of school that they want to work in, that this is a mind and heart decision. And we respect how motivated talented teachers and leaders are by the type of schools that they work in. We are clear that one size far from ‘fitting all’ fits no-one and we would like to see placing candidates that are a perfect fit for your school.

Why do you ask for Salary and allowances information?

Again all research points to teachers and leaders querying this information (along with location) at the start of their job search, because it impacts lifestyle. We know how important it is to teachers and leaders to feel that they are valued for what they contribute. From your perspective if you are recognising and rewarding talent this is something that we would like to help you to promote in your school vacancy listings.

Why do you list the Ofsted ranking of schools?

Having worked with teachers, leaders and educationalists for many years we know that they value Ofsted ranking information. It absolutely is not the case that teachers or leaders discount schools that have lower rankings. In our experience many teachers relish a challenge and are motivated by the chance to improve individual and school performance. We also believe that teachers and leaders are very time poor and shouldn’t have to move from site to site to search for information on which they base a job application decision, that’s why we have put all of the applicant information in one place for them.

How do teachers and leaders search for jobs?

All of the job post and employer listing published information on Talented Teacher Jobs is searchable from Google and also on our site. In addition it doesn’t matter what device – a computer, a tablet or a mobile, that a candidate uses; because our website works on all devices. This means that so long as the job advert and the employer listing is published a candidate can find it. Also teachers and leaders have restricted access to computers or mobiles (to jobseek) during school hours, which is why it’s important that our job and employer details are visible at all times and on any device. But it’s not just about being open all hours it’s also about what tips a teacher’s consideration towards an actual application. That is why we feature Google Maps location mapping, Social sign in, job title and specialism searching, school type, Ofsted ranking, salary, allowances and much, much more. Our search may look simple (two boxes), but what is typed in searches across over 20 data fields with many more data value variables associated with each data field. Quite simply this means that your next talented teacher or school leader can find and apply for your vacancy.

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