IAPS is committed to recruiting the best possible staff for our schools.

Our partnership with Talented Teacher Jobs makes this easier. Using their unique approach and proprietary technology we can now proactively target digitally engaged and innovative education professionals in up to 5 different ways.

Details of how this works are given in our partnership brochure view our latest brochure.

The partnership provides a way for IAPS members to recruit from a much wider source of talented teachers and school leaders than that offered by traditional education websites.

IAPS members are also provided with a recruitment dashboard to give control and transparency when tracking advert views and applications.

Talented Teacher Jobs donates to IAPS Charitable Trust   Please use itrust2017 partnership code. Here are stories of pupils that have been helped through the iTrust’s Schools Access Scheme https://iaps.uk/about/sas-current-pupils/

If you want free support booking multiple vacancies, please contact  support@ttjobs.co.uk or call 0330 124 2022 quoting itrust2017.

IAPS members post your jobs here. Attract the very best talented teachers and leaders.