Contract Type: Full Time
Job Start Date: 2020-09-01
Salary: Excellent, Depending on Experience
School Type:
School Size: 251-450
School Age Range: 3-17
Pupil Gender: Mixed
Address: Lucton, Leominster, HR6 9PN
Ofsted Ranking: Independent School


Houseparent Couple

September 2020

We are looking for a Houseparent couple plus there is further accommodation for a single person.

The Role of Houseparents at Lucton School

The role of the Houseparent at Lucton is a significant one, as around one quarter of the school pupils board. We have overseas pupils, some Forces and also some local children.

The qualities required for this post are a genuine love of children, much patience, understanding, enthusiasm, energy, drive, initiative, flexibility and resourcefulness. An ability to communicate effectively with the pupils, their parents and the staff is vital. Sound organisational skills, dedication and commitment are also important.

It will assist you in your role if you naturally enjoy the company of young people and have a fun-loving disposition that they can relate to and with which they can feel comfortable. You should also possess a compassionate and sensitive side to your personality when dealing with pupils’ problems and dilemmas and be readily available to deal with boarders when needed.

An interest in the appearance and décor of the House is desirable as is an ability to make the House a homely and comfortable environment in which all may live. Photographs of pupils and bright and interesting posters and pictures are a great way of livening up the House and making it more warm and colourful.

You should be able to drive a minibus and be keen to take pupils on interesting trips at weekends and also to arrange social activities, games and competitions during the weeks on certain evenings. When on duty, you should also be available to assist pupils when struggling with their prep and give them support and encouragement.

You must be a team player, working side-by-side with the other Houseparents and also in sympathy with the rest of the academic and domestic staff. An easy facility to get on with others is an enormous asset that helps in the smooth running of the Boarding House.

Maintaining a good relationship with parents of boarders is essential and this is aided through availability at weekends and beginnings and ends of terms when parents pick up and drop off their children. Taking the trouble to be available and to chat with parents on these occasions pays huge dividends as does picking up the phone to keep in touch from time to time.

In general, you will be expected to take an active interest in the academic, social and moral development of each and every boarder in your care, neither showing preferential nor indifferent reactions to pupils nor showing any form of dislike or negativity. A positive, optimistic and up-beat disposition is desirable and a supportive sympathetic approach to all, whether pupil, parent or colleague, is an enviable and attractive characteristic to possess.

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About Lucton School

Lucton School was established in 1708 as a centre of educational excellence in North Herefordshire. The School has built up an excellent reputation both within the county and beyond. Lucton School is now an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged from 6 months old to 19 years. The school accepts mixed ability pupils and not only achieves excellent value-added results, often averaging over a grade per subject at GCSE, but also, though on a variable basis, records great overall results. For instance, our best A level result in recent years was over 50% A* and A, and over the last four years GCSE 5 A* to C results have averaged 90% with the best 5 A* to C including Maths and English being over 75%. Most of our Sixth Formers go on to university, many to Russell Group institutions.

The school is situated in an idyllic, rural setting in the midst of beautiful, unspoilt countryside above the valley of the River Lugg, with magnificent views westwards to the Welsh hills. The nearby towns of Leominster (7 miles), Ludlow (10 miles) and Hereford (17 miles) are all easily accessible and London (150 miles) is within a three-hour drive.