Contract Type: Full Time
Job Start Date: 2019-09-01
Salary: MPR 1 - £23,720.00 to UPR 3 - £39,406.00 Pro-rata
School Type:
Free School Primary with Secondary
School Size: 0-250
School Age Range: 3-19
Pupil Gender: Mixed
Address: Gelderd Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 6DQ
Ofsted Ranking: Independent School


Teacher of English – Secondary

Required for September 2019

Purpose of the job:

  • Carrying out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances may require and in accordance with academy policies, under the direction of the Principal.
  • Promoting the achievement of high standards through effecting teaching and learning within subject area(s), preparation, evaluation and action planning.
  • Modelling the vision and values of the academy.
  • Being part of the team driving the development of the academy to become an ‘outstanding’ academy.
  • Receiving and acting on feedback to build on the strengths and improve personal performance within the academy systems.
  • Contributing, where appropriate, to implementing policies and practice and to promote collective responsibility for their implementation.
  • Taking into account and constantly reviewing academy contextual factors and prior attainment when planning and teaching lessons.
  • Working in a cross-curricular way to support subjects across the academy in the use of active learning approaches to enrich curriculum and skills delivery.
  • Recognising, promoting and celebrating diversity.

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About The Elland Academy

The Vision

Our vision is to provide a high quality, effective and inclusive Alternative Provision option for challenging and vulnerable young people with beahvioural issues for whom mainstream Education fails to provide the appropriate opportunities and learning solutions. Our provision is to proactively target learners with poor attendance and behaviour, contribute to programmes of re-integration and raise the levels of aspiration and achievement across the communities we serve.

Our Ethos

Places the health, safety, welfare and well-being of every child or young person at the centre.
Challenges, supports and encourages everyone to do their best, building self confidence in leaners in all aspects of their lives.
We are a caring learning community.
Promotes and achieves success, both collectively and with individual children and staff.
Encourages self-help, self-determination and self-improvement.
Promotes inclusion, by collaborative working within the AP Free School and equally with outside agencies and partners.
Expects courtesy and co-operation, where enterprise, initiative and transformation affect every area of academy learning and academy life.
To be at the centre of its community; a vibrant and welcoming venue, acting as a resource and a catalyst to community and individual growth.

Our Aims and commitment:
To provide a stimulating and attractive learning enviroment.
To have high expectations of all children and young people.
To motivate through engaging, effective teaching.
To track progress and encourage learners to succeed.
To offer a wide range of activities.
To challenge and support every learner.
To maximise and celebrate achievement.
To work in partnership with families, govenors and the wider community.

Our Values

Are you in the right place?

Are you at the right time?

Are you doing the right thing?

T - Total Respect

E - Educating All

A - Aspirational

100% Always - No excuses!