Contract Type: Full Time
Salary: £25,000 – £30,000 per annum
School Type:
Special Primary with Secondary
School Size: 0-250
School Age Range: 8-17
Pupil Gender: Male
Address: Somerby Road Knossington Oakham Leicestershire LE15 8LY
Ofsted Ranking: Not yet rated


ICT Teacher

Main duties

  • Participate in Safeguarding and Mappa training and always be vigilant of the pupils’ well-being and welfare in any interactions with pupils
  • Inspire, motivate and challenge pupils in the delivery of the curriculum across the year groups
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for the academic outcomes of pupils taught
  • Contribute to the pastoral care of pupils and support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Monitor academic progress of the pupils in a form group
  • Maintain positive relationships with parents/carer of the pupils in an allocated form groups
  • Comply with the teaching and learning approaches adopted in the school Teaching and Learning policy, and contribute to the Teaching and Learning development in the school
  • Adhere to the data/record keeping systems across the school and use appropriate data to inform target setting for individual pupils and students
  • Plan lessons thoroughly in advance, to record outcomes and to compare and review the performance of pupils with colleagues as appropriate
  • Consider lesson planning and organisation as a tool in the behaviour management of your classroom and to provide a stimulating learning environment to increase the learning potential of pupils
  • Plan all lessons, differentiating work and materials to meet the educational needs of the pupils’ different abilities and social and emotional needs
  • Use ICT to enhance the delivery of the curriculum
  • Use the Principles of Assessment for Learning to inform lesson planning and ensure all pupils in your groups know their level/grade and how to improve it
  • Ensure work is marked, assessed and recorded appropriately
  • Support the effective use of Teaching Assistants assigned to work in your lessons
  • Follow up behavioural incidents with pupils and to seek advice and support if required
  • Make full use of the Ready to Learn policy and the credit system and reward at every opportunity
  • Provide reports for the pupils in your year group that are thoughtful and accurate, help the pupil progress and are delivered on time
  • Work as a member of the school team and to assist at break and lunch times to supervise and manage behaviour, providing activities for the pupils at these times
  • Contribute to the extra curricula and additional activities offered by the school
  • To work as directed by the Headteacher, following reasonable requests.

Acorn Education and Care are committed to the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All successful applicants will be subject to fully Enhanced DBS. We expect all our employees and volunteers to share this commitment and strive to achieve the best outcome possible for everybody in our care. A full application form must be completed with all employment dates accurate and gaps in employment accounted for.

Job Description

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About The Grange Therapeutic School

The Grange Therapeutic School integrates care and education with a therapeutic approach in order to deliver measurable outcomes.

We provide a therapeutic environment and culture in care and education to build confidence in our boys
We listen to parents/carers and work together to support our boys
We enable students to change and improve their behaviour
We get to know our students individually
We ensure individual, flexible learning path ways are planned to engage our students
We have a diverse, innovative and unique 24 hour curriculum that inspires and engages our students
We listen to our students and we are creative in finding solutions when they have difficulties
We build confidence to ensure student success
We have a focus on life skills in order to prepare students for an independent life after The Grange
We celebrate success at every opportunity