Schools traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough. With stark statistics such as these, you need the right tactics to fill positions swiftly, while attracting the very best talent from a shrinking pool of professionals. Which is right about where social steps in.

Latest copy of Talented Teacher Job’s Social Media Recruiting brochure.

Social recruitment could and should be driving the very best talent to your door, but to get the best results from it (the kind that access the full 100% of candidates), you’ll need to employ advanced tactics, such as: Building dedicated landing pages; creating a campaign that uses multiple-channels to re-target candidates; and analysing data to test and tweak your campaign for ever-improving response rates.

Talented Teacher Jobs have worked alongside thousands of schools in their bid to discover and recruit the best talent. We find and focus on the 85% of teachers who aren’t actively seeking a new position and engage with them to attract applicants. All in all, this secures the right quality and quantity of job applications.

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