Our social media technology will recruit the candidates you need.

Evolve the way you recruit to reach and attract teachers using social media with guaranteed results.


“We needed to recruit a Principal for our innovative new school. The service was impressive and the technology used to proactively attract candidates meant we didn’t wait long for suitable candidates.

They really did care about helping us fill the position in a cost-effective way. Talented Teacher Jobs go the extra mile!” – David Holloway, Director OBE, The Ideas College


Social Media Recruitment

In the current climate, social media is where the majority of people spend their time every day. Forward-thinking schools who are observing this behaviour shift are hurrying to engage with candidates where they are spending all of their time online. As a result, reaching candidates through social media is becoming an increasingly popular recruitment method for forward-thinking schools who are adapting to the new challenges faced by the education sector.  Moreover, with an 87% increase in social media usage over the past few months alone, more and more candidates are finding jobs on social media channels rather than through job boards or recruiters. As a result, over a third of schools have moved away from traditional recruitment methods and instead use social media advertising to attract candidates.

Of the schools that are promoting opportunities on social media, only 6% are doing this effectively. The majority of schools are only able to advertise to candidates who are already directly connected with them online. Learn more about our social media technology to understand the reason more schools are joining us to get the best out of their social media recruitment.

Social Media Technology

Our clever blend of technology empowers schools to identify and target candidates via social media and Google. This bespoke targeting approach means that schools can reach leaders, teachers and support staff wherever they are online. Our technology targets candidates across numerous social media channels and Google, while they browse. Our technology is unique in that it enables schools to advertise to candidates across multiple touch-points. This approach motivates candidates to engage with the job advert and apply.

Using our social media technology results in more applications for schools when they advertise a role with us, as they are engaging with a larger pool of candidates who are online, not just job seekers on job boards and recruitment sites.

Data in Your Hands

Each school that works with us are given a bespoke dashboard, where they can track any current and previous adverts they have run using Talented Teacher Jobs’ social media technology. The dashboard empowers schools to see the way their adverts are performing each month. Schools can also use the dashboard as a tool to plan for and optimise future adverts that they wish to post with us, based on past advert performance and audience demographic insights.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that schools are frustrated at the rising costs of advertising for teaching and leadership positions. That’s why we provide affordable solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Unlike job boards and recruitment agencies, our social media technology provides you with a solution to recruitment that targets candidates who are both active and inactive job seekers. This means that you have access to a far wider pool of eligible candidates, without the enormous price tag.

Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about our social media technology to get the right candidates interested in your school? If you are looking to learn more about our technology, or want to advertise school vacancies with us, please contact us by filling in the form below or calling us directly on: 03301242022.