Teaching resources for UK Primary and Secondary schools from citizenship to calculus

Citizenship and sustainability teaching resources

Here at Talented Teacher Jobs we know that being stuck for a lesson plan, particularly on a Sunday evening can make a Monday morning miserable. That’s why we’ve pulled together a concise list of some of the best teaching resource and lesson plan providers for you.

We have partnered with Think Global because of the education charity’s refreshing approach to citizenship and sustainability. Increasingly we know that you are being measured and assessed on individual and school contribution to the value sets that will future proof our world. It’s a mammoth subject and one where keeping up with change is a real challenge. Think Global provides access to over 1,000 reviewed free learning materials, from web resources to posters, books and films so that you can understand issues of justice and sustainable development and create inspirational lessons for your pupils.

Primary school teaching resources

Primary Resources is a leading provider of free lesson plans and teaching resources for UK Primary Schools. Listed by subject and also by year you can access a full up-to-date list of lesson plans, books, films and references for pupils from year R to year Six.

Secondary school and FE lesson plans and resources

Pearson Education has an Active Learn digital resource for teachers for progression, revision, GCSE, A Level and Diploma pupils. Listed by subject and by year lesson plans, films, books and reference texts can easily be identified and accessed via this site.