Job Vacancies In Education – Are Bursaries Available For Students Who Want To Teach?

Job vacancies in education mean that more student teachers are needed to fill the positions as they qualify. Some might be worried about affording the PGCE course that they need to complete after their degree in order to gain their teaching qualification.

Now, however, is an excellent time to work towards qualifications for teaching jobs because there are some great bursaries and funding options available to everyone. So what are the options? It is possible to gain a bursary, or even a scholarship, worth up to £30,000. This money is tax free and would pay for all courses and course material, allowing you to concentrate solely on your work. You can also work while you train – there are specific School Direct courses that will give you a salary of up to £25,000 and still allow you time to continue your education. This course requires that you are a graduate, and that you’ve been working for at least three years – but this can be in any profession, it does not have to be teaching. Once you apply, you will be selected by a school where you will work for the duration of your course. You can even be funded to take a course in a subject that will help your teaching career if your original degree isn’t suitable. How much you receive, and your eligibility in general, depends on the subject you choose. With all this help, teaching vacancies will soon be filled with newly qualified teachers.

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