Job Vacancies For Teachers – What Happens When A Teacher Retires?

Job vacancies for teachers can sometimes come up in a school when the previous teacher retires. It can be hard to fill the shoes of a teacher who has been in a school for many years, but a worthy challenge too. And of course, teaching is hard work, so retirement is always well earned.

What happens when a teacher retires and someone else takes over their teaching jobs? Teachers are actually entitled to a special teachers’ pension. This comes into effect when the person benefiting becomes 60 if they were a teacher before 2007. If they became a teacher after 2007, then currently the pension age is 65, although this could rise. Current contribution rates range from 7.4% to 11.7%; it depends on how much the teacher earns as to how much they need to contribute. Someone on a salary of less than £26,000 per year would contribute 7.4%. This increases up to 11.7% for a salary of more than £75,000 a year. It is also possible for teachers to work on something called a ‘phased retirement’. This means that their working hours are reduced – they effectively work part time – and they can withdraw part of their pension in advance to make up for the shortfall in salary. This is another time when part time teaching vacancies come up, with the view of them becoming full time later on. Vacancies at this point are good for everyone involved since the previous incumbent of the role will be on hand to offer advice and show the newcomer how things are done.

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