Jobs School Teachers. Are You Ever Too Old To Become A Teacher?

Jobs school teachers do can vary wildly from town to town, school to school, even classroom to classroom. But no matter what a teacher specialises in, or how they choose to teach, it is a career for the young and the young at heart. Age is not a particular factor.

Although a certain amount of fitness is required to be a teacher, and health checks will be carried out as part of the recruitment process, there is no upper age limit when it comes to teacher training. However, in England and Wales, you need to be under 60 to qualify for a student loan; in Scotland, the age is even lower. Teaching is a career that many people put off because it involves a lot of training at the outset and it can cost a fair amount to join a PGCE course. This is why most people on PGCE courses are either direct from university or are old enough to have raised a family and have the money required to start the course, without resulting to student loans. PGCEs aren’t the only route either; another great way for older people to train for teaching jobs is to learn ‘on the job’ once they have their initial degree. Not all schools offer this option, but it can be the ideal way to train and earn at the same time. If you are older and want to become a teacher than it is a good idea to be realistic about your options – the good news is that there are plenty of teacher jobs available.

So jobs school teachers do can be done by young or old, male or female, first careers or second, third or fourth ones. To find out what’s available in your area, search Talented Teacher Jobs at or call us on 0330 124 2022 for help, advice or more information.

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