Jobs For A Teacher – What Happens Outside The Classroom?

Jobs for a teacher go on beyond what is done within the classroom environment. A teacher’s work is not done when the home time bell rings, and it doesn’t start only when the children arrive. Many teachers work extra hours to ensure that they are prepared for the lessons ahead.

A recent survey conducted in the UK suggested that almost 24% of teacher jobs are carried out before 8am, after 6pm, and even at weekends. But what is this work, and why is it done out of school? Much of the work that is carried out outside of ‘normal working hours’ is lesson preparation. Due to changes in the curriculum, it isn’t always possible to use previous lesson plans, and therefore changes have to be made. A good teacher will always cater their lesson plans to the children in their charge, and that means that what worked last year, with a different class, may not work in the same way this year. Therefore, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done. Marking is another job that is often carried out at home. Those in teaching jobs are often already committed during their break times. It could be that they are running extra clubs or groups, or that they need to set time aside to work with a child who is finding something difficult. Therefore, marking – which must be done – has to be completed at home. Teachers also have to complete a number of assessments and a lot of additional paperwork for the school and the pupils in their care – this is also often done at home.

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