Teacher Educator Jobs – Should You Teach Primary Or Secondary School And What Are The Differences?

Teacher educator jobs will vary from school to school, district to district, even person to person. The only thing they all have in common is that they are there in order to help someone learn something important. When choosing a teaching career, should you opt for primary or secondary education?

There are some major differences between primary and secondary education and the teaching jobs that go with them. Choosing your career path is something you need to do early on as it will affect the training course that you take. Understanding some of the differences will help in your decision. Primary level teachers must have knowledge of a wide range of different subjects, being able to develop knowledge and interest in subjects that are new to the children. Secondary school teachers must specialise in one subject, although they may be called upon to help out in other subjects if need be. Teacher jobs in primary and secondary are both about encouraging a love of learning and preparing children for the world. But whereas a primary school teacher will need to be adept at introducing topics for the very first time; a secondary school teacher will need to expand on those topics. The type of questions you need to be able to answer, and the social and emotional concerns of the children also change with age, and you will need to be prepared for difficult subjects at any stage. You can undertake a PGCE qualification for either primary and secondary school teaching, so if you are unsure, try to get some experience in both settings before starting down your career path.

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