Teacher Jobs In School – How To Make Sure You’re Ready For The Interview

Teacher jobs in school are more and more easy to find and apply for now that there are specialist sites dedicated to helping you do just that. But what happens once you apply and are invited to go for an interview? What should you do and how can you prepare?

Preparing for interviews for teaching jobs is similar to preparing for any other job interview, with a few extra things to remember. It is important to be on time, and to have done your homework. Do some research on the school you are interviewing for. Find out about its history and whether it used to be something different (some schools have changed from primary to secondary and vice versa for example). This shows that you have an interest, beyond just your role. Learn about its rules and what it expects from its staff, pupils and parents. How is the code of conduct enforced across the school? What different teaching approaches are used? It’s also very important to know who the head teacher is and where they might have taught previously. Having this information – and more – will help you to stand out over other candidates who may not have done their research, and will aid you in preparing and answering questions. Interviewing for teacher jobs also means you should bring your qualifications and example of previous work, and achievements, with you to show the interviewer. Putting them in an easy to access file will speed up the process and show how organised you are. As well as this, you should dress appropriately, as you would for any interview.

The perfect time to prepare for an interview is immediately after you have applied for teacher jobs in school with Talented Teacher Jobs. Use your research to help you find the perfect job (or jobs) using our search system at https://talentedteacherjobs.co.uk/ and you will already be one step ahead. Good luck!

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