Teacher Jobs In Schools – What Does The PGCE Entail?

Teacher jobs in schools aren’t something anyone can just apply for and walk into. There is a lot of preparation and a lot of learning that needs to be done first. So what are the first steps needed to become a teacher, how long does it take, and what qualifications will you have?

One route into teaching is the Postgraduate Certificate in Education or PGCE. This all begins with an undergraduate degree. It is useful if your degree is related to the subject you want to specialise in through the teaching jobs you are exploring; this is particularly true for secondary education. If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, you will need a recognised equivalent. You will also need to have GCSE results of C or above in both English and maths. For those wishing to carry out teacher jobs in a primary school, you will also need a grade C (or above) in GCSE science. The PGCE lasts for a year full time or two years’ part time. As well as the learning elements such as the theory behind teaching, how children learn and the different types of learning that are possible, you will need to carry out on site classroom training to gain some hands on experience. This is a major part of your course, and can consist of around two thirds of the entire PGCE. It is assessed to ensure that not only are you academically qualified, but that you can also engage with the children you are hoping to teach.

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