Teaching Vacancies – Some Helpful Hints

Teaching vacancies may be plentiful in number, but finding the right position for you, and showing that you are the right candidate for that role is more important than ever. Competition for the most lucrative teaching jobs is particularly strong, with both schools and prospective teachers expecting more from each other than ever before. But, this doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams, it does mean that you need to be prepared. It also means you need to be able to showcase your skills and attributes from the moment you first make contact with a school.

The Best Time To Apply For Teaching Jobs

Finding teaching vacancies is fairly contingent on the time of year as teachers have set times when they can put in their notices to come in line with the end of a school term. The most popular start point for a new teacher is in September, the start of a new school year. This is generally because this is when schools are most likely to expand and add to their existing education staff. Given this and the length of time it takes to recruit staff, the best time to look out for recruitment campaigns is in February and June. Although these adverts may appear throughout the year, the final date a teacher can resign before summer is May 31st, so keep an eye out for these late coming teacher jobs vacancies during the first week of June. In the Autumn period, you should start researching recruitment, and if you have not yet qualified, you should attend university employment fairs, which might provide more information about vacancies in education. Spend this time researching and polishing your CV, cover letter and adding to your key skills set with voluntary education work, holiday clubs or other activities that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are a newly qualified teacher (NQT), it is worth bearing in mind that schools will start advertising many jobs that are appropriate for NQTs in April. It is certainly worth registering with a good education recruitment and job advertising website around this time, so that you stay up to date with the latest in teaching vacancies.

Application Advice For Vacancies In Teaching

Once the question of when to apply for vacancies in teaching is over with, the question becomes one of how. Application procedures will differ from job to job, but many teaching applications require you to hand in a CV. Along with your personal statement, your CV is the backbone of your application for teachers job vacancies. It is therefore very important that you supply your hopefully future employer with a fully rounded and completely accurate resume. The most important thing to think about with a teaching CV, is that you should prominently highlight the experience and qualifications that are most relevant to the teaching job you are applying for. Remember that each job will be different and the emphasis you place on certain skills will change depending on the post. You should make sure to mention any and all relevant qualifications, but specifically the details of your teacher training. Go into some depth and mention any relevant modules from your degree. You should also mention any school experience you have already acquired, specifically that which is relevant to the age range you are applying for. If you have any other teaching, training or supporting experience that shows commitment to children and young people, or specific love of your subject then ensure this stands out and isn’t just added as an afterthought. Ultimately though, you will need to find the teaching vacancies before you can apply, and the best place to do this is at Talented Teacher Jobs.

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