Vacancies In Education – Importance Of Adult Education

Vacancies in education do not just exist in school and colleges teaching those under the age of 18. Many adults, some of whom missed out on parts of their early education, look to make up this time in adult education classes. Do you have what it takes to support adults in their learning?

When schools experience a teacher shortage, one of the effects is that children often miss out on the education they deserve. However, while this still remains a problem for some school, teaching jobs in the adult education sector are available to help close these gaps and provide much needed support. Adult education classes are usually run by local authorities, (although charities and other non-profit organisations are also involved) and take place on weekday evenings or at the weekends, depending on demand and teaching staff. There are numerous teaching vacancies at this level as courses provide subjects such as math, English and science in both basic and more advanced (GCSE and A-level) stages and other curriculum subjects. There are also many other classes that can be taken at adult education centres that are more creative such as floristry, watercolour painting and cookery, should students wish to combine the two. Those looking to work in adult education should firstly check what qualifications they need; these may differ from those needed for working in schools with children. Check the person specification of any vacancy that you apply for and if in doubt contact the employer direct

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