Vacancies In Teaching Jobs – What Types Of Schools Are There In The UK?

Vacancies in teaching jobs need to be filled in a variety of different subjects. They need to be filled in both secondary and primary schools. And they need to be filled in a number of different types of schools as well. What are these different schools that are found in the UK?

There are three main types of school in the UK, although there are other varieties. Private (also known as independent) schools are one type of school that has teaching jobsavailable. These schools are paid for by parents, and their fees are usually in the thousands of pounds per term. Due to the fact that they are fee paying, they are not funded by the government. This means that they don’t have to follow the same curriculum as state schools. Private schools can be day schools, boarding schools, or a combination of the two. Teaching vacancies may require successful candidates to live in if the school is for boarders. Public schools are similar to private schools in that they are fee paying, but they are often much more expensive, and exclusive, with a tougher selection process. They have a reputation for being the place where many politicians and royals attended school. State schools are by far the most common type of school in the UK. State schools are funded by the government and local authorities, and parents do not have to pay to send their child there. Parents do, however, still need to pay for extracurricular activities such as school trips and after school’s clubs, and they also pay for lunches if they are required (from year 3 upwards under current legislation).

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